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Acivating the thoracic sling: a hype or should it be part of every proper horse training?

The activation of the thoracic sling is part of the posture of the horse when it moves in a truly biomechanically healthy way. It’s not something you teach your horse, but rather something that emerges when the horse is fully balanced in its movement. This sounds simple, but in practice, it’s not always as easy.

If you want your horse to properly activate their thoracic sling, you need a number of ingredients in your training. There are also various factors that make such activation difficult or impossible, and these are not solely related to training!

In this live and FREE webinar, you’ll discover the ins and outs of the activation of the thoracic sling.


In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The anatomical essence of the activation of the thoracic sling
  • WHY you would want to train a horse with an activated thoracic sling
  • What ingredients you need for an activated thoracic sling
  • How to recognize the activation (or absence of it) from the ground or while riding
  • What will occur within the body when you train (for an extended period of time) without the activation of the thoracic sling
  • The major adversaries to a proper activation

There will also be ample opportunity to ask questions on this topic.

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Date: Wednesday September 6th – 8pm CET (GMT+2)
Duration: around 90 minutes

Cost: FREE!

There will be a replay available for a few days after the webinar.

Registration is no longer possible, the webinar has ended. Hope to see you next time!

Who is Karin Leibbrandt?

Karin Leibbrandt of 4DimensionDressage has over twenty years of experience as a veterinarian, the vast majority of which she has spent (and still spends) specializing in rehabilitation. She is a seasoned trainer, instructor, and myofascial release therapist. Additionally, she is the author of the book ‘Compassionate Training For Today’s Sport Horse’ and the founder of a Dutch equine rehabilitation trainer program at Equicare-Plus.

She aims to spread as much knowledge as possible about healthy training, with the goal of minimizing injuries and irreparable damage. Karin excels at providing clear, concise, and structured explanations, ensuring that the information is conveyed optimally.

karin leibbrandt

Who is Tessa Roos?

over tessa roos

Tessa Roos of “Rijkunst in Beweging” is a very experienced instructor, specializing in rider seat and the biomechanics of both horse and rider. She is also a biologist. Tessa provides lessons and courses in groundwork, riding, and rider awareness. She offers these in sessions involving actual horses, as well as sessions utilizing the ‘Joker’ (a mechanical horse activated by the rider) and rider workshops without horses. Tessa also serves as an instructor at the equine rehabilitation trainer program at Equicare-Plus.

And who or what is Horse in Mind?

Hi! I’m Rianne, owner of Horse in Mind, which is a platform about welfare in horse training. The Dutch version (yes, I’m from the Netherlands) of this platform has blogs, a podcast, webinars, courses, online events and a membership. This English version will start out with webinars and a course. More will definitely follow soon! Everything we do is centered around a friendly and biomechanically healthy approach.

I’ve known Karin and Tessa for years and it’s a delight to work with them and help them share their knowledge and inspiration with horse owners all over the world. And I myself keep learning too. If you sign up for this free webinar you’ll meet all three of us. I hope to see you there!

karin leibbrandt


Below you’ll find the most frequently asked questions. Is yours not among them? Please email us at Thank you!

I can't attend at that time and date. Will there be a replay?

There will be a replay available, but only for a short amount of time (a few days).

Can I join if I don't own a horse?

Sure! This webinar is valuable for every horse person. Even if you can’t apply the information to your own horse, you can share the gained knowledge with others. Spread the word! 🙂

Is this webinar suited for me if I only do groundwork at the moment?

Definitely! It’s very valuable to train for an activated thoracic sling in groundwork, before you even get on the horse. If the horse is already familiar with this way of training and movement on the ground, it will be easier to teach under the saddle.