Equine Balance Detective: Spotting Healthy Movement

Discover in one hour what to look for when observing your horse’s movement during training.

“Yes, now he’s moving well! Do you see that?”

Uh… I guess so, is probably what you’re thinking. I have no idea what to look for!

“He needs to be active so he moves over his back.”

Okay, you spur your horse on again. Something like this perhaps?

Do you ever wonder what exactly is meant by ‘moving well’? What it looks like and how to achieve it? You’re not alone! Recognising balance and assessing movement is one of the most challenging aspects of training for many riders.

That’s why we’ve developed this online mini-training specifically for riders like you. In just one hour we’ll help you recognise the basics of healthy training.

mini course recognising healthy basic training

What you can expect:


We’ll show you how to recognise vertical and horizontal balance and imbalance in your horse, based on foot placement, weight distribution and tempo, among other factors.


You’ll see videos of four completely different horses who don’t move perfectly balanced yet. Real horses with real challenges. Very educational!


You’ll discover how the fascial system (connective tissue) is involved in maintaining a healthy basic posture of the horse in motion.


We’ll show you what training towards a stable and healthy forward-downward tendency looks like in reality.


No rocket science! Understandable language and clear, short videos that will help you experience more and more ‘aha!’ moments as you watch these horses move.

“When I watched Jill, when my instructor rode her, a smile appeared on my face! Jill achieved a beautiful forward-downward tendency, and I felt a certain energy and flow. I also just sensed that Jill was happy with how she carried herself.

It took me a long time to really recognise the correct basic posture. I had no guidance, no characteristics to focus on, and spent a lot of time on YouTube and Facebook watching videos and reading comments. But now I finally understand what a good posture of the horse looks like. When you see it, you can’t help but smile, just like I did when I saw my horse dance like that.

If only I had known all of this much earlier. That would have saved me a lot of time searching endlessly!

– Student Marisca Aling from Stella Maris – Healing Horseworks

mini course healthy basic training

Online mini course: Equine Balance Detective: Spotting Healthy Movement

Train your eye and recognise healthy basic training


Immediate access after registration


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Meet your instructors

karin leibbrandt

Karin Leibbrandt

Karin Leibbrandt is trained as a veterinarian and has been a horse rehabilitation trainer and instructor for over twenty years.

“I wanted to know exactly why many horses get injured at a young age and how we can prevent this! I started training and rehabilitating horses myself. I selected and studied the most effective treatments and training principles and worked them out in detail. I did this until the horses clearly showed that the training was pleasant and effective, and they were happy and healthy. And I continue to improve my training methods in the same way. From this, the courses of Equicare-Plus and my company 4DimensionDressage – now merged and called Karin Leibbrandt Equine Health and Training – were born, as well as my work as a myofascial release therapist.”

over tessa roos

Tessa Roos

Tessa Roos is trained as a biologist. She has conducted research on the behavior of wild and domesticated horses.

“My equestrian career began as a rider posture and seat instructor. Later, I studied to become a basic dressage trainer, a Feldenkrais practitioner for people, and a rehabilitation trainer for horses. I now have over twenty years of experience as a riding instructor, and I am a teacher at Karin Leibbrandt’s courses, and I give clinics and lessons both domestically and internationally. My lessons focus on awareness and training for riders, groundwork for horses, and balance training for both rider and horse to create healthy, sustainable movement and enjoyment for both.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Below I’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions about this course and the answers to them. Is your question not among them? Feel free to email us using the contact form. We’re happy to help!

I'm not a dressage rider, is this suitable for me?

Absolutely! Healthy basic training is exactly what it sounds like: the foundation, regardless of discipline or type of horse. After all, in every branch of the sport, it is important that a horse moves in a healthy way. This mini course provides more insight into that.

When does the course start and for how long do I have access?

You’ll have access immediately after signing up and you have lifetime access!

I'm a complete beginner... Do I really not need any prior knowledge?

No, in fact, this mini course is perfect for you. No prior knowledge is required, and everything is explained as well as possible. If there is a technical term or explanation that you don’t fully understand, feel free to email us! We will take the time to explain it thoroughly. We want to ensure that you get the most out of this mini course.